Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

Why should you not make the special even more special?Ferry Porsche once said, "We place more value on building cars of quality than on building cars for quantity." A way of thinking that has a long history at Porsche. And one that to this very day describes our daily work.In the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, we raise this maxim to the highest principle. With the goal of realising personal customer requests and thereby creating special vehicles. For every type and every model. To turn something special into something extraordinary.

Our most important tools from day one? Our hands.

The manufacturing process is a sophisticated task. Besides the use of valuable materials such as leather, Alcantara®, carbon, wood or aluminium, our most important asset is human hands. They are often the only tools that meet our high demands. When applying leather, paint and polish. When cutting and sewing, as well as when assembling in the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. Always in due time. Or put another way: with great care, calm, concentration, passion and dedication. That is how our art of craftsmanship always creates a coherent whole in the end.

Personality and character. In every detail.

Our customers’ wishes are exclusive and above those of the masses. How do we meet them? With experience and passion from every single employee. You can feel that in every last detail. This passion is the reason why the extraordinary continues to be created: vehicles that wholly reflect our customers. Full of personality and character. Which do one thing over everything else: follow one's own path. And here, that usually starts with a little line on a piece of paper - which becomes something great.

We always stick to this tradition: permanent development.

Our customers are inspired by a variety of different things. And always develop new ideas. We also stand for constant progress. That is why we are working closely with the Porsche Design Studio. But also with the Porsche engineers in Weissach.

We always strive for perfection – as part of our tradition. For this reason, we are developing products that are meant to serve an overall concept: your personal sports car. Looking good is not everything in life, after all. Bright ideas and the demand for the highest quality are just as important to us. Yesterday as well as tomorrow.

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Last modified: 22.05.2021